After you have added a payment method (eCard), tap Personalise to set the Payment Limit (see set the payment limit), Nickname, Colour and Bank.

Note the Account Owner can only be set when the card is created. If you have set the Account Owner incorrectly please delete and then re add the card with the correct Account Owner.

The Payment Limit is used to determine the maximum amount before a PIN or biometric confirmation is required on a payment.

The Nickname will display on the image of the card in the carousel as in the hamburger menu. Please note that this has no imact on the details passed through to the biller on their transaction statement.

Card Color is used by many customers to organise their cards. Either color your card to match the color of the physical card ot color code the cards by the entity they belong to. For example color all of the business cards blue and all the personal cards green.

Bank is used to display the bank logo on the card and helps you identify the card to use when making a payment.

To edit these settings later, you can access the properties of any eCard from the "hamburger" menu or by tapping the card in the eCard carousel.

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