How it works?

When your bookkeeper enters and approves bills in Xero, Bluechain automatically generates a payment request and sends it to your Bluechain app.  Schedule or pay immediately with the your chosen card to earn rewards and take advantage of interest free terms.  

Bluechain will update Xero with the relevant payment details, saving you time on reconciliation.  Bluechain also updates the history on the bill to ensure you, and your bookkeeper, know exactly where your payments are at.

3 Simple steps to get you up and running :

  1. Register for Bluechain and Authorise access to your Xero account
    Sign into Xero and create a Bluechain account at and then follow the steps to authorise access to Xero.  You will be prompted to create a Bluechain account if you don't already have one. Once an account is created, select your GL code for fees, specify which payment account you are using, select how you want fees to be recorded in Xero, and, select if you want to batch bills in Xero for payment in Bluechain.
    - Find out more about authorising Bluechain to access your Xero
    - Find out more about adding a bank account to Xero

  2. Using the email link, download and setup the Bluechain app
    Download the Bluechain app from the App store and add your Payment card.  You can add an Amex, Visa or MasterCard to pay your bills.
    - Find out more about setting up your Bluechain app

  3. Onboard your suppliers to Bluechain
    The quickest way to onboard your suppliers is to add your contacts to the “Bluechain” group in Xero. Add all of the suppliers that you want to pay using Bluechain to this group. Make sure you include their ABN in the “Tax” field and their BSB followed by their Account Number, in the “Batch Payments” field.
    - Find out more about adding contacts in Xero
    - Find out more about managing groups in Xero

That's it, you are good to go
Simply create and approve bills in Xero and Bluechain will automatically send them to your device for payment.

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