Connecting your Xero account to Bluechain is easy. 

Connecting Bluechain to Xero

 1. Log on to using your Xero login.

2. Log on to Xero and authorise your account with Bluechain.  Bluechain will require access to your profile and Xero Organisation.

3. Select the Xero organisation you wish to link to Bluechain and the Bluechain account you want to link to.  

You will be prompted to 'Create a Bluechain Account' if a Bluechain account does not already exist for the organisation you wish to link.  

If you already have a Bluechain account skip to step 5.

4. Your organisation details will be populated from Xero.  Confirm the details are correct and hit submit.

5. Confirm which Account and GL code you wish to use for reconciliation, along with  how you want the convenience fee to be added to Xero, and click Save.

Bluechain can either add a line item to the existing bill for the fee, which makes it easier to reconcile the transactions, but may not meet your required accounting practices;  or add a separate bill and payment record for the fee, using the same reference number on the bill.

Speak to your accountant to confirm the best way to set this up for you.

6. By default bills will be sent to the Bluechain app as soon as they are approved. To batch bills together using the Planned date field in Xero select the Bulk payments option.

That's it, you're setup ready to go.  Start adding and approving bills to send them to the Bluechain app for payment. 

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