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Managing remittances when paying with Bluechain
Managing remittances when paying with Bluechain
Updated over a week ago

All payments processed through Bluechain, including transactions within a batch, are shown as separate entries on your Biller's statement. Even if the batch contains multiple bills from the same biller. This makes the reconciliation process easier in both party’s accounts systems.

The format of on their statement will be:

[Name on card or Account] [Reference] [Amount]

For example if the name on your Bluechain card is "JD Electrical" and the reference for a $20 Bill in Xero is INV20200808, then their statement will show

JD Electrical INV20200808 $20.00

If your Biller still requires a remittance advice then you can turn this service on by contacting Bluechain using the chat function on the bottom right of this page or by email.

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