Using multiple cards with Xero

Mapping your Bluechain payments to Xero accounts

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When you use multiple cards to make payments in Bluechain, you need to made sure that each payment is allocated to the correct account in Xero. This helps ensure you can easily reconcile your Xero accounts with your bank feeds.

Before you start, make sure that a Xero account exists for each payment method that you want to use in Bluechain.

You can configure the mapping between your Bluechain payment methods and your Xero accounts at

Click through the integration settings until you reach the settings section pictured below. Note that it may take a little while to collect all of your available accounts from Xero.

For each Bluechain Payment Method on the left, select the corresponding Xero Account on the right.

Once you have mapped your Bluechain payment methods to your Xero Accounts click "Save".

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