Connecting EzzyBills to Bluechain allows Xero users to automate their entire accounts payable process from imaging inbound bills to finalising payment and reconciliation.

The instructions below assume you have a Xero account and that you have signed up to EzzyBills and connected EzzyBills to Xero. If you don't have EzzyBills yet you can get the EzzyBills app at

You do not need a Bluechain account prior to setting up integration between EzzyBills and Bluechain.

Bluechain integration

  1. Log in to EzzyBills

  2. Select Bluechain on the EzzyBills app page, and “Connect to Bluechain”.

  3. Click “Sign up using Xero” in the integration portal to authorize Bluechain access to the Xero account.

  4. Use your Xero username and password to log in to Xero. Choose your organisation and allow access to the organisation's data and user account information.

  5. Choose your Xero organisation in the “Connect Xero to Bluechain” page, and click on “Create Bluechain Account” or choose the associated Bluechain account (if any have been listed and Skip to Step 7).

  6. Enter all the mandatory fields and click the "Submit" button to register a Bluechain account. Skip this step if a Bluechain account is chosen from the previous step.

  7. Select your reconciliation account(s) for Bluechain payments and the GL Code you wish to use for Bluechain Convenience Fees. Click "Save".
    You can choose to batch bills for payment being sent to your device. Using planned date within Xero, bills are grouped together and sent to your device, based on the batch days setting.

  8. Choose billers you want to pay using bluechain by adding them to the Bluechain contacts group in Xero

Bluechain will only process payments from suppliers in the Bluechain group. This enables you to choose which suppliers to pay with Bluechain. When adding suppliers, please ensure you fill out the ABN and Bank (or BPAY) details of the contact record. Otherwise Bluechain will not know where to send the payment.

Use the “Start adding contacts” button to add the contacts to Bluechain group or dismiss the page.

New registrations will receive an email with links for them to download the Bluechain app. Download Bluechain from Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and log in using the Bluechain registered mobile number.

Download from Google Play

Download from Apple App Store

Once logged in, add payment methods to your Business profile, and start making payments.

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