Automatic remittance advices

Send remittance advices for Xero bills processed through Bluechain

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Some suppliers expect to receive a remittance advice, even though the payments you make using Bluechain match a single invoice and reference the invoice number or your customer number on their bank statement.

Setting up automatic remittance advices

You can turn on automatic remittance advices for payments processed through Bluechain through the integration setup pages at

The specific setting is shown in the image below on the "Connect Xero to Bluechain" page.

When this setting is turned on, a remittance advice will be sent to the email address recorded for the Bluechain biller and the Primary person on the Xero contact record.

Please note that all emails will come from the Bluechain email address [email protected]

The Bluechain support team will advise you if there are any replies to this email address that require action.


The email will be formatted according to the sample below:

And the attached remittance is shown in the example below:

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