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Activating and processing payroll with Bluechain

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You can use your Bluechain account and the Bluechain portal to process payroll through your Bluechain app.

Step 1

Your account needs to be activated for payroll processing.

Email Bluechain support at [email protected] to request that payroll is activated for your profile. Note that there are rules around processing payroll on a credit card to ensure that payroll is not used to provide you with a cash advance.

Step 2

Create the bank file from your accounting software.

Use your accounting software to run your payroll for the current period. Save the bank file (*.aba) to upload to the Bluechain portal.

Step 3

Log into the Bluechain portal ( and use the menu to navigate to "Request to Pay". Select "Payroll" and upload the bank file you saved in step 2.

You can preview the payroll run to ensure it includes the correct employees and payroll amounts.

Enter the email address for the Bluechain account that is going to approve the payroll payment.

Step 4

On the Bluechain app, you will receive a notification for the payroll payment. This can be paid as normal on the app. Please approve the payment before cut-off times to ensure that employees receive funds on time.

Timing for payroll payments

Payment of employee wages is time-critical. Note the timing below for disbursements to employee accounts. All times refer to normal business days.

Amex approved prior to 7 pm - disbursed to employee accounts the following day

Visa and Mastercard approved prior to 5 pm - disbursed to employee accounts the following day

Bank Account approved by 5 pm - disbursed to employee accounts on the second business day.

Note that Bluechain uses instant payments through NPP to disburse funds wherever possible. Accounts that are not enabled to receive NPP payments may experience delays.

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