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Can I create or cancel a recurring bill?
Can I create or cancel a recurring bill?
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Many of us have recurring bills, where the amount we pay does not change. For example rental payments. Bluechain allows you to set these up in the app through the pay a bill function.

To create a recurring bill:

  1. Click the Pay button in the bottom navigation

  2. Search and select the Biller you wish to pay. If the Biller does not exist, then you can add it to our online portal.

  3. Enter the details for the bill or recurring payment.

  4. Select Recurring

  5. Select your Frequency of payments eg. weekly, monthly.

  6. Select and enter the End Date or Number of Payments you wish to make

  7. Then click Save

  8. Confirm the details are correct and tap Next

You can now pay your first bill. The next recurring bill will automatically be created and scheduled for the frequency you set up, so you never have to worry about missing a payment.

To cancel a recurring bill:

  1. Click on the Activity button

  2. From the Payables list, tap the recurring bill you wish to cancel

  3. Next to the Pay button, tap the three dots or more button

  4. Here you can cancel the recurring request.

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