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Step 1. Register for Bluechain
Step 1. Register for Bluechain

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To start using Bluechain, all you need is a method for making payments, such as a credit card, debit card or bank account, and a smartphone or tablet. Firstly, we need to collect some information about you. It will only take a minute. You can register as an individual or as a business. If you intend to register as a business, you will need an ABN and you must be the business owner or the authorised user of the payment account.

To register for Bluechain:

  1. To register as an individual, click For me, or as a business, click For my business.

  2. Type in your mobile number, and click Next.

  3. Type in the verification code we sent to your mobile.

  4. Confirm that you have read and agree to the user agreement, and click Next.

  5. Complete the registration form. Click Next to display the next page of the form. Click Back to return to the previous page. Click Submit to complete registration.

We'll then send you an email containing a link to download the app. Open the link on your mobile phone and then refer to Step 2. Set up the app.

Please note. We only collect information that is needed to safely process your payments and to comply with government regulations. For more information view our privacy policy.

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