Paying bills with Bluechain

  1. Enter the bill in the app or your accounting software. Bills from Bluechain billers appear in the app automatically.
  2. Approve for immediate payment or schedule for the due date.
  3. We charge your card and use the funds to pay your bill.

When you approve a payment, the transaction is sent to the Bluechain payment server. The payment server verifies that the transaction is valid before attempting to process it.

The status of the payment request is communicated back to the app by the server. And when the payment is approved by your bank or card issuer, a confirmation is displayed.

The whole process takes just a few seconds to complete.

For billers

  1. Firstly, register as a biller, and once registered, start signing up your customers to Bluechain Reward Payments. You can even earn extra income by joining the Referral Partner Program. 
  2. Send your customer a bill, displaying your Bluechain ID, or use the Bluechain APIs to send bills directly to your customers' app.
  3. We process the payment on your customer’s card and pay you.

You get updates on your customers’ intent to pay in real time as they accept, schedule or reject bills. Bluechain billing gives unparalleled insight into your debtors risk and cash flow.

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