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You have replaced your old device

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If you have replaced a device because it was lost, stolen or broken, you will need to set up Bluechain on the new device.

Bluechain is supported on most modern phones and tablets. To see if your device is supported, see supported devices.

To set up Bluechain on your new device:

  1. Install the Bluechain app on your new device from the appropriate app store.

  2. Start the Bluechain app.

  3. When prompted, allow Bluechain to turn on or access the services it needs to operate on your phone.

  4. Tap Get Started.

  5. Enter your Registered Mobile Number and tap Next. This is the number of your old device.*

  6. You will receive a verification code via SMS.

  7. Enter the verification code and acknowledge your agreement to the Bluechain User Agreement.

  8. Finally, enter the 4-digit passcode you set up on your old device.

Your device is now set up and ready to go.

*If you have changed your mobile number and can no longer access messages on the old number, please contact support to recover your account.

You can also use Bluechain on multiple devices.

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