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How to set up recurring payments (Auto Pay)
How to set up recurring payments (Auto Pay)
Updated over a week ago

Currently the recurring payment functionality is only available via the Bluechain app. But don't worry it's easy to use this feature. Either download the app from Google play for Android or Apple App Store and login with your Bluechain login details, there are a couple of extra setup stages for the app such as setting up a passcode and choosing if you want to use face ID, if that is available.

To setup recurring payments simply

  • select the invoice that you want to pay

  • choose the payment method

  • click either the pay button or schedule (using the button next to the pay button with 3 dots)

After the payment is setup it will give you the option to auto pay future bills (see example below) then as invoices from this supplier are added to your accounting system or entered manually, it will pay them within the criteria you have setup. Such as a payment limit or date to be paid.

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