Pay a request for payment

Pay a request from a Bluechain biller or biller's website

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Bluechain billers and eCommerce websites can send bills directly to your Bluechain app, saving you time and avoiding the need to re-enter payment details and amounts.  You see exactly what you are paying for and who you are paying.  

To pay a request from a Bluechain biller:

  1. Open the app.

  2. To view the bill details, tap the request displayed at the top of the screen. Share the request or, to continue, tap the close icon.

  3. Swipe the eCard carousel left or right to select the eCard you want to pay with.

  4. Tap the Pay button to pay immediately or the "..." button to schedule for a future date or part-pay.

  5. Depending on the app settings, you may be asked to authenticate your identity.

  6. A confirmation message is displayed when the payment is authorised by the financial institution.

  7. Tap Done to return to the Home screen.

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