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About bill payments

A quick overview of paying bills with Bluechain

Updated over a week ago

There are two main ways of paying a bill:

  • When you receive a printed or electronic bill from any biller.
    To manually enter bill details from a (non-Bluechain) biller into the Bluechain app, see Enter and pay any bill.

  • When you receive a request to pay in your Bluechain app.
    To pay a request from a Bluechain biller, a Bluechain biller's eCommerce website, or your Bluechain-connected Xero accounts, see Pay a request for payment.

In each case, you select a method of payment (eCard) and authorise the payment. The transaction is placed in the banking system, and when approved by your bank or card issuer, a confirmation is displayed in the app. Bluechain then uses the funds to settle the bill with the biller. In this way, you can pay any bill with a credit card (and earn rewards), even when the biller doesn't accept payment with your preferred credit card.

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