Enter and pay any bill

Pay any bill with Bluechain

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You can pay most bills you receive in the post or by email by entering the details directly into the app.

To enter a bill for payment:

  1. On the Home screen, tap Pay.

  2. Tap a Favourite biller or type the biller's name, ABN or BPAY biller code in the search box and select a biller from the list.
    โ€‹Note. If your biller isn't listed, you will need to add them as a new biller in the Bluechain portal.
    โ€‹Note. If this is a frequent biller, tap the "star" icon next to their name to add to your Favourite billers.

  3. Type in the Amount, Due date, Reference number and Description

  4. Check the biller's Account you are paying is correct.

  5. Confirm if this is a recurring payment, you can specify, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly.

  6. Tap Next.

  7. A request to pay is displayed.

  8. Swipe the carousel left or right to select the eCard you are paying with.

  9. Tap Pay.

You can also schedule the payment for a future date.

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